Meet the Midwife

My Philosophy

I believe pregnancy, labor, and birth to be intuitive and inherent in all women. When a woman’s body is trusted and is simply allowed to be, the body will find its own path to birth. If undisturbed, a woman can let go and fully embrace the spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation of the birth process. During this intense and raw journey, the birthing woman deserves to be validated, honored, and empowered.

As a Midwife, my role is to hold space for the mother throughout her own personal birthing journey. This means that I walk alongside you, providing compassionate care without judgement throughout the prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. I support my clients in making their own informed choices and strive to offer information to my clients that is grounded in research.  My passion for undisturbed birth at home is reflected in care that reduces preventable interventions. I respect when there is a real need for technology and appreciate the benefits of scientific advancements during special circumstances. I believe that nature and science may work in harmony to optimize the satisfaction of each individual birthing family.

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My Experience

I have been involved in the birth community since the birth of my first son in 2012, where I found myself rallying in Annapolis for better birth options. In 2014 I certified as a birth doula through Birth Arts International (BAI). In 2016 I began working as birth assistant and shortly after enrolled in the National College of Midwifery (NCM) and started my apprenticeship under a local homebirth midwife. I have since graduated, obtained my Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credentials, as well as a license to practice in the state of Maryland (LDEM). I have had the honor of supporting over 100 families during this journey.

I am the President of the Association of Independent Midwives of Maryland (AIMM). I have been a facilitator for the Birth Circle of Baltimore since 2014. We hold monthly meetings where we discuss birth related topics with parents, local birth professionals, and expecting families. I strive to remain up to date on the latest research, following the most recent updates from ACOG, Evidence Based Birth, and Cochrane Reviews, among others. I am Rebozo Certified, which means that if you invite me to your birth I will bring with me a traditional Mexican shawl that I am trained to utilize to maximize your comfort and relaxation. I have been trained in aromatherapy for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum through Sacred Pregnancy and Sacred Scent. Along with my midwifery equipment, I will bring essential oils, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and the knowledge of various labor coping techniques, pressure points, and massage techniques to your birth space.

My Background

Prior to pursuing my career as a midwife, my passion has always been about helping others. I have been a registered nurse since 2008, my chosen field being psychiatry. I have worked primarily with those suffering from affective disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar) and eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia). My experience as a psychiatric nurse has cultivated my ability to assist and comfort clients during their most emotionally vulnerable moments. I have a professional background built around educating, reassuring, and advocating for my clients without judgment.

My vast knowledge and familiarity of relaxation techniques (such as imagery, meditation, mindfulness, visualization, and breathing) are invaluable to the role of a midwife. I have developed a mindfulness-based childbirth class with a focus on these important skills. In my years of practice I have developed therapeutic communication skills that are a crucial asset to the laboring mother and her partner. My advanced understanding of various coping skills has been essential when navigating through any emotional blocks or fears that might come up during pregnancy, labor, or birth. It is vital that a midwife remains grounded and provides a peaceful environment during otherwise exhilarating and emotional times.

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My Passion

Birth work is in my bones. I have always been a strong advocate for women, it is my honor to be standing by a woman’s side during the most pivotal transition of womanhood. Prior to my first born, I have always trusted a woman’s innate ability to birth. I have always felt the human body is capable of healing itself, natural birth simply made sense.

Throughout my life I have been perplexed by the amount of women who have faced inductions or surgical birth after being told their body has “failed to progress.” What language to use in regards to the sacred temple that is a birthing body! How strange it is to hear of the many babies “too large” for the woman’s pelvic outlet, when true cephalopelvic disproportion occurs in less than .5% of pregnancies. Need I mention bringing babies into the world simply because they are “overdue?”

These excuses seemed arbitrary, unproven, and, in most cases, are not a medical emergency. It became clear to me that women are not being encouraged to trust their bodies. In fact, women, their families, and even providers are being taught to fear the birth process.  Somehow we feel like birth is something that we need to control. We have learned to rely on physicians trained in medicine and surgery to tell us what we will feel, how we will birth, and when our bodies will no longer be useful. What does that do for the future generations of mothers and children?

Midwifery is in my marrow. It is my calling to work with women, empowering them to take back their birth experience. Empowered births breed empowered mothers, strong families, and resilient communities. My own birth experiences have only deepened my commitment to guiding and easing mothers though any obstacles that prevent their personal birthing desires from becoming a reality. As a woman and a mother, I share a special connection with the birthing mother. I make it my priority to support and encourage each woman and her individual birth choices, without judgment. As a professional midwife, I will stand by my clients during the entire birth process, respecting the individuality and sanctity of the childbirth journey.